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Frequently Asked Questions:

Singlets are the uniforms you wear during a wrestling match.  They can also be worn for practice.  Shorts and a t-shirt are also acceptable for practice.  Singlet's are provided to you through the club as a rental.  The rental fee is a one time fee of (TBD).  At the end of the season the singlet's are handed in (as our youth grow so quickly it is likely you will need a new size for the next season).  

Headgear protects the wrestler's ears.  Headgear is required for matches.  Wrestlers are responsible for providing their own ear protection.  Headgear should be cleaned after use.

Wrestling shoes are a specialized shoe designed to be used on wrestling mats.  Wrestling shoes are recommended, but it is not required as socks can be worn (however they do not provide any grip on the mat).  The club has a bin of used wrestling shoes that you are welcome to go through to see if one fits your wrestler.  We ask that when your wrestler has grown out of his/her shoes that you add to the bin for others.

All wrestlers who participate in practice must shower after getting home.  Because of the nature of wrestling, your child will be sweating and making body contact with other wrestlers.  Because of this the wrestling room and all mats are thoroughly cleaned before every practice.  With proper sanitation practices the probability of a breakout is very low.  This is also why we also ask that shoes not be worn on the mat as you may carry something on the bottom of your shoes.

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